Millions of people around the world suffer from hunger. A number that increases while the number of donations to Manos Unidas, a Spanish NGO who fights against hunger, decreases.

    At the same time, millions of people share their food every day on the Internet through Instagram. How can we change someone’s actions into donations for others?


    We created #FoodShareFilter, the first supportive Instagram filter. A filter available in the App Store and Google Play which whom users can share their food, but really share for real. Because the money raised from the download, is destined for programs to fight hunger by the NGO Manos Unidas.


    Without the support of any type of media campaign we obtained:

    • Appearances in the most important Spanish News media and worldwide media.
    • We reached more than 6.000.000 users in Twitter after one month, including famous football players and important Spanish chefs.
    • #FoodShareFilter was published in more than 600 blogs and websites around the world.
    • We were on App Store TOP 15 paids apps in Spain.